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        I rehabilitate HORSES, and teach their OWNERS!!

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Riding With Style

 Ride horses on the gulf beaches, Dressage and Hunter lessons. I am Carmen Herrmann Hanson,family member of the World famous Royal Lipizzaner stallion show.  I have decided to open my private stable and to help people  learn the true art of training and riding horses using natural horsemanship and resistance-free  techniques. I have taken what has been passed down from my family of accomplished trainers and used for hundreds of years… I have applied this classical and humane training style to all horses.

 My doors are open for you. Come and enjoy the love between horse and rider!! I welcome everyone out to experience first hand the joy, respect, kindness, and responsibility. It can help elevate  self-esteem, which helps makes you strong and confident. Team Styles enjoys many equine activities together. We all become like family. 

NEW NEWS!!!!!! Come out and meet our new horses. I am now offering the chance to ride and show my Gypsy Horses. Drums. Majestic, calm, safe and talented!!! Join my show club! 

 You do not have to lease a horse to enjoy the show ring, simply join our show club for less than most people pay in board.  We do not show during the summer, but I offer summer camps and riding at the beach.

 My goal is to build a trusting relationship between you and your horse. I want students to learn the art and discipline it takes to become a great rider. This also teaches so many valuable lesson that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. 


 You are never too young or too old to enjoy the time spent with a horse. Please take the time to look  through our website and give us a call!

 I am also available for clinics and consultations.

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Beach Horseback Rides
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First attempt of a Bridless ride on a cold winter morning.

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 Dressage test, Score 70.5% and second test, 71.5% at his first USDF recognized Dressage Show. Not bad for his first time out with only 60 days under saddle. Thanks to the Crew's family for allowing me to train and show these wonderful horses.

Carmen Hanson
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